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After I was reborn, I married my arch rival his brother

After I was reborn, I married my arch rival his brother

After I was reborn, I married my arch rival his brother

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    After I was reborn, I married my arch rival his brother
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    seventh moon in the lunar calendar
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    Happy Read
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2022-07-05 09:23:31
In her previous life, Yunwei made a sincere mistake. Her relatives and friends died, and she was crazy. She didn't end well. Pity her. She didn't know the truth until she died. She lived a new life. She vowed to protect them and let the people who hurt them pay the price Bai Lianhua's cousin designed her to make a fool of herself. She tried her best to beat her cousin in the face with a backhand. slag man wanted to repay her hero for saving the United States. She was ready to let his plan fail still want to use her to seize her father's military power? She took up her sword and mounted her horse to fight for military merit, firmly holding the military power in her own hands Ye Rongji looked on coldly and watched her pretend to be crazy, fool, cheat and deceive, play with those people in the palm of her hand, and then commented impolitely, "liar." he is the most favored five princes of Da Jin. He looks arrogant and arrogant, but his mind is the most difficult to figure out. Everything in the world seems to be out of his eyes. Only one person makes him worry unconsciously he said: "Ah Wei, I'm tired of the intrigues of the imperial harem. I just believe that if I want to get anything, I'll plunder it with my power and knife. Only for you, I dare not take any risks." he also said: "Ah Wei, I can be your knife. I'll help you fight for what you want. Even by any means, even at any cost, just be kind to yourself." Yunwei hugged him tightly and burst into tears. "I don't want you to do anything for me. In this life, let me protect you, OK?"

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