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The Crown Princess must be raised with pride

The Crown Princess must be raised with pride

The Crown Princess must be raised with pride

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    The Crown Princess must be raised with pride
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    Initial scene
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2022-03-16 10:10:17
[female leader vs. helping me to become a self-taught talent and chasing his wife] Huan Yue died of illness and wore into a palace to fight sweet pet Wen male leader Xie Zhen, from the crown prince to the emperor, has one yuan, several concubines and one white moonlight the female leader often purple elm, from the white moonlight to the back of the seal, to the exclusive pet of the harem Pei Huanyue, who was worn by Huanyue, helped the crown prince for eight years, died in the darkness before dawn and paved the way for the white moonlight in Huanyue's book, Pei Huanyue has another identity the direct daughter of the Marquis of Jianchang and the village girl of Baishi Village lost their bags, so the crown princess is actually a fake daughter and a real village girl after wearing the book, Huan Yue entered the East Palace and waved his fist to the Lord her request is very simple: live and live comfortably. Men don't change. We can work alone without men * * before gaining divine power, Huan Yue was good at disease so, at first, Huan Yue knocked his head after she beat the queen the emperor said: she knocked her brain the crown prince said: she knocked her brain. Don't share common sense with her later, Huan Yue had chest tightness the emperor said: don't mess with her the crown prince said: you must follow her and do whatever she wants later, Huan Yue had a son too smoothly... the crown prince knelt down in front of her and cried: don't bear it, daughter-in-law. What daughter-in-law says in the future is what she says Huan Yue said: I want a dog Crown Prince: woof woof.

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