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Xiuzhen boss took the pastoral script

Xiuzhen boss took the pastoral script

Xiuzhen boss took the pastoral script

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    Xiuzhen boss took the pastoral script
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    Wu Fei
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    Weixin Book
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2022-04-24 20:02:43
[no CP in this article] Tian Tian was reborn for the first time from the fool in Hetian village to the cultivation world for the second rebirth, Tian Tian was reborn from the leader of Xiuzhen and returned to Hetian village outsiders think she is just a fool who can be bullied at will wearing the mask of a fool, she dressed up as a pig and ate a tiger. She not only kicked out her bullies one by one, but also ordered people to rebuild the broken temple where she lived, accept the worship of the villagers for her statue, solve problems for the villagers and accumulate merit in addition, in order to repair the spiritual pulse and internal alchemy seriously damaged by 80 Tianlei, she strives to break the imprisonment of Tiandao as soon as possible. She works hard during the day and cultivates hard at night when the moon is bright and the stars are dim, she sits cross legged in the vegetable garden, feels the power of the earth, and thinks: even if she farms, she will also plant vegetables with pure spiritual power. Eating it can not only satisfy her stomach, but also improve her spiritual power one sentence introduction: Rebirth and rebirth, silly aunt has become a big man who can farm.

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